Welcome to PIT-EKA

My name is Pitoon Ekarintaragun, I am the craftsman and grower behind the scenes.  Since my pre-teen years I’ve always been fascinated with bonsai, moreover obsessed with plant propagation which also started around the same time. 

Over the past two decades my hobby was mainly focused on woodworking. I’ve just recently ventured into pottery.  My fascination for detailed miniatures lead me to make bonsai pots specifically mame and shohin sized pots of high detail. 

So if you’re into mame or shohin size bonsai you’re in the right place, and while you’re here have a look at my blog. I’m also a regular on the Bonsai Nut forum, you can catch me there as well. Thanks for visiting!

‘My ability to create such small things yet retain such high detail and quality to share with the bonsai community is something I truly enjoy.’